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ALDRA ALP4 – A prurpose lubricant for die compacting

Aludra ALP4 is a purpose lubricant applied before the compacting die when stranding  aluminium cables.

Product Description

Aludra ALP4 is a purpose designed lubricant specially formulated for use when stranding aluminium cables. The product contains a unique lubricity additive package contained in a low viscosity paraffinic base oil for protection of the compacting die.


Aludra ALP4  is only recommended for use on aluminium cable stranding machines where it is applied by dripping or atomising onto the cable just before the compacting die.

Features and Benefits

Unique additve package in low viscosity oil

High lubricity protects the compacting die, whilst being of low heat capacity allowing heat flash off, eliminates the possibility of oil contamination on the cable surface and prevents problems associated with subsequent coating or insulation.

Low viscosity paraffinic oil base

Product is easily applied by dripping, atomising or  by metering pump. Economical to use, shows excellent cost performance.

Packing, Storage and Handling

Aludra ALP4  drums should be stored indoors out of direct sunlight.The drums should be stored on their side with bung holes horizontal to minimise breathing.Avoid moisture ingress. The product is available in 210, and 20 litre drums


Aludra ALP4 is used as received, do not dilute or mix with other products. The formulation should be applied just prior to the compacting die when stranding aluminium cable by drip or atomisation. Aludra ALP4 is used on a total loss basis, it is not for use in other applications.

Product Characteristics

Appearance                       Translucent Yellow

Kinematic Viscosity

@ 40 º C                             6 cSt.

Flash Point

( closed cup )                      < 170 º C

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification.

Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance.