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Product Description

Sigma TSB is a semi-synthetic water dilutable cutting fluid with considerable advantages over conventional soluble oil emulsion based products.

The formulation includes an EP package together with lubricity additive and is cresol, phenol and nitrite free.

Sigma TSB forms an opalescent emulsion which is biostable and long lasting even in very hard water.


Sigma TSB is recommended for all arduous machining operations, and especially those in CNC machines, manufacturing centres and centralised systems. It is suitable for most materials including high tensile steels, yellow metals and aluminium.


Features and Benefits


Contains no carcinogens

Sigma TSB does not contain any known carcinogenic ingredients such as nitrites,
phenols and cresols thus improving occupational health.


EP and Lubricity Package

The formulation includes an EP and lubricity package, ensuring improved finish comparable with neat oils in many applications. The additive package by providing lubrication at the tool tip improves tool life and reduces built up edge.

Biostable Opalescent Emulsion

The emulsion being biostable ensures freedom from bad odours and long life, whilst the opalescent emulsion allows visual examination of the work piece.

Contains Powerful Corrosion Inhibitors


Sigma TSB contains superior corrosion inhibitors giving outstanding rust protection
with no sticky residue or sludge deposits on the machine.


Stable in All Waters

Sigma TSB forms stable emulsions even in very hard water leading to easily maintained working fluid.


Packing, Storage and Handling

Sigma TSB is available in 5, 20 and 210 litre drums. The containers should be stored inside protected from frost and out of direct sunlight. The product should be handled with the care afforded to soluble oils.



Sigma TSB should be added to well agitated water, never add water to the product.


Recommended Concentrations

Meduim tensile steel and non-ferrous materials 40:1 (2,5%)

High Tensile Steel 33:1 (3,0%)

Biostaility is achieved at 2,5%


Product Characteristics

Appearance (neat): Honey coloured liquid

Emulsion Appearance (3%) Bright Opalescent

pH 9,0-9,4 Units

Corrosion Test IP 125 >60:1


The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification. Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance