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Filmac E12S is a heavy duty neat cutting oil. The product has been developed for difficult operations on hard to machine steel alloys.

The treatment consists of a powerful EP additive package together with a heavy injection of lubricity agent to provide boundary lubrication at the tool tip chip interface.


Filmac E12S is the recommended product for all heavy duty machining operations. The product shows excellent performance in operations involving very heavy cuts and high stock removal, also where a high surface finish is of prime importance. Operations include broaching, heavy duty turning, threading and automatic work, milling, drilling, boring, reaming and shaping.

Features and Benefits

EP package

Gives excellent performance on all ferrous and non ferrous metals, without staining. The package helps prevent built up edge and dramatically reduces tool wear and machine power consumption.

Contains High Lubricity Package

The large proportion of lubricity additive contained in Filmac E12S acts as an efficient wetting agent continuously spreading the oil to the tool tip to eliminate oil starvation, judder and poor finish even when using large cuts and feed rates.

Packing, Storage and Handling

The product should be stored inside in a cool dry place, avoid temperature extremes. Normally safe in use, however reference should be made to the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.

Filmac E12S is packed in 5, 20 and 210 litre drums.

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Dark coloured oil

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ºC 30 cSt

Flash point COC >200 ºC

EP Type Non active

Lubricity Additive Yes

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification. Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance.