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Filmis T is a soluble type metal working fluid which forms an opalescent emulsion when diluted with water.

The emulsion formed is biocidal and long lasting due to the incorporation of phenolic coupling agents. The product has been formulated with an effective corrosion inhibiting package to allow high dilutions.


Filmis T is a versatile product and finds application in all general machining areas such as boring, drilling, milling, reaming, turning etc. The product is suited for most carbon and stainless steels, together with cast iron, copper and aluminium.

Features and Benefits

High Dilution Rates

Filmis T may be used at dilution rates of up to 1 in 70 therefore showing good cost performance and high thermal efficiency.

Biocidal Properties

The product has inherently strong biocidal activity due to the phenolic coupling agents, this leads to long emulsion life and safety of the operator from potential pathogens.

Effective Corrosion Inhibiting Package

Filmis T contains a corrosion inhibitor package which is effective at high dilutions protecting both the machine and the work from corrosion.

Packing, Storage and Handling

The product is available in 5, 20 and 210 litre drums. Filmis T should be stored in a cool dry place. Avoid temperature extremes and water ingress. Normally safe in use, but reference to the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before use is recommended.


Filmis T should be added slowly to water whilst agitating to facilitate mixing, the dilutions below are given as a guideline:

Carbon Steel
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel

Product Characteristics

Appearance (neat)
Appearance (Emulsion)
Corrosion Test IP 125

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification. Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance