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A water  soluble alkaline detergent system cleaner with broad spectrum micro-biocide.

Product Description

Brytoklean No 7 has been formulated for the cleaning and sterilising of heavily soiled metal working emulsion systems. It will remove fatty deposits and soap build up, sludge, tramp oil and bio films from tanks, pipework and pumps leaving the circuit thoroughly clean and sterile.


Brytoklean No 7 is recommended for cleaning and sanitising of machine metal working fluid circulating  systems. The product is effective on all types of emulsions and should be considered as a necessary treatment when it is time for the fluid  to be dumped.

Features and Benefits

Versatile and Convenient to use

The product may be used to clean and disinfect different machines such as lathes and wire drawing systems by dosing into the emulsion before dumping, no need to keep separate cleaners for each application thereby reducing inventory.

Cleans and Disinfects in one treatment

Kills bacteria, moulds, fungi, removes slime and sludge deposits, leads to improved cleanliness, eliminates objectionable odours. By sanitising the system, the new working fluid is free of infection and lasts longer.

Appearance                  Pale Yellow Liquid

SG @ 15  ºC                 1,03

pH ( 2 % solution)         8,0  pH units

Flash Point                   >150

Packing, Storage and Handling

Store indoors out of direct sunlight, protect from frost. Available in 5 and 20 litre containers.


Brytoklean No 7 should be added directly to the emulsion and circulated for 48 hours before draining. Alternatively the system may be first drained and then filled with water (warm if available) and the Brytoklean No 7 added, the solution is then circulated overnight before draining. The recommended dosage is 1 – 2 % based on system volume and machine cleanliness.

Appearance Pale Yellow Liquid
SG @ 20 ºC 1,03
pH ( 2 % solution) 8,0  pH units
Flash Point >150  C

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