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A wire and strip drawing lubricant for aluminium

Product description

Aldra 3993A  Is a wire drawing lubricant for aluminium  based on a medium viscosity pale coloured paraffin oil which has been severely refined. The base oil possesses an inherently high viscosity index and good oxidation stability. Aldra 3993A incorporates synthetic lubricity and   extreme pressure additives preserved by oxidation inhibitors. Aldra 3993A has been formulated from base oils and additives specially selected for their non staining characteristics for aluminium and its alloys.


Aldra 3993A is used from rod breakdown through to fine wires of aluminium and its alloys on high speed slip machines.

The product is suitable for rod shaving applications and as a finishing die lubricant on non slip drawing units to provide a cleaner, brighter finish.

Features and benefits

Medium viscosity

Minimal residue on wire surface leading to low oil drag out and ease of degreasing if required.   Fines settlement is good and filterability excellent. Ensures bright wire finish.

Synthetic lubricity and EP package

Affords excellent die and capstan life. Versatile performance, can be used with a wide range of aluminium alloys.

Superior oxidation stability

Long lubricant life even at elevated temperatures. Cleaner machines avoids lacquers and deposits.

Synthetic lubricant technology

Eliminates the formation of aluminium soaps minimising oil thickening. Ensures clean bright wire after annealing.

Storage and Handling Aldra 3993A

Store drums on their side with bung holes horizontal to minimise breathing. Avoid moisture ingress. Store drums  out of direct sunlight and frost.


To optimise performance the following periodic checks should be carried out:-

  1. Water ingress, viscosity, acidity and suspended solids.
  2. Avoid operating at bulk temperatures above 55 degrees Celsius.

Product Characteristic

Appearance                              Clear Yellow

SG @ 15,5 º C                                0,883

Flash Point                                   185 º C

(closed cup

Kinematic Viscosity      

@    40 º  C                               125  cStokes

@  100 º  C                               12,0 cStokes

Viscosity Index                         96

The above are typical values and do not constitute specification.  Data is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance