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Priamus V12

Priamus V12 is a Rod Breakdown, Intermediate and Fine Wire Drawing Lubricant


Product Description

Priamus V12 is based on new synthetic esters that mean the product is exremely clean and low foaming. It is a lowsoap emulsifiable lubricant that utilises new technologyemulsifier and sulfactant systems that exhibit low reactivity in the presence of copper. The product also possesses bistable characteristics in copper rich environments and this avoids the need for biocide additions.

Priamus V12 contains boundary lubricant additives to provide low Coeffcient of friction between Copper/Ceramic and Copper/Steel components and as a result a low reactivity provides consistent performance over long periods. Furthermore, special additives are incorporated in the formulation to keep Copper fines from coagulating. Low reactivity also results in excellent cleanliness and exceptionally long life is in use even at elevated operating temperatures.


Priamus V12 is optimised for the drawing plain and tinned Copper wire for the rod breakdown and intermediate, fine and superfine sizes on a single and multi-line machines. Priamus V12 is suitable for in line continuous annealers at 1-2%

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Low reactivity with copper
  • Long Consistent Life
  • Biostable
  • High Temperature Stability
  • Low Coefficient of friction
  • pH Stability
  • Minimises wire tension breaks
  • Minimal Maintenance, biocides not required
  • low foam product
  • Avoids bacterial fungal growth
  • Extremely Clean
  • Reduces capstan and die wear
  • Suitable for compact or mini systems
  • Enable effective filtration


Packing, Storage and Handling

The product is available in 5, 20 and 210 litre drums.

Product Characteristics

Appearance Amber oil
Specific Gravity @ 15 ºC 0.9343
pH @ 3 % 9.1
Corrosion Test (IP125) Pass at 1 part in 180
Emulsion Appearance Semi translucent/opaque initially. Blue/Green Coaque in use with Copper

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification. Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance.