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Synthetic additive for annealer coolant water.

Product Description

Annealear fluid LF is a fully synthetic water soluble additive used to treat the annealing coolant.


Annealear fluid LF is recommended for use in the cooling water of the continuous annealers of both plain and tinned copper wire production. Application of the product  prevents corrosion of the wire and the wire drawing  equipment.

Features and Benefits

Fully Synthetic

Annealear fluid LF does not contain mineral oils or fatty soaps, avoids oil and fatty deposits on the wire and drawing machinery.

Corrosion inhibiting film deposited on the wire is of molecular nature, does not interfere with subsequent operations such as enamelling.

The product not containing oils or fats leads to improved cleanliness.

Completely water soluble

Annealear fluid LF forms a true solution in water as opposed to an emulsion, complete stability leading to longer life and excellent cost performance.

Packing, Storage and Handling

Store drums of  Annealear fluid LF indoors in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost, avoid water ingress. Available in 20 and 210 litre containers.

Recommended Concentrations

Annealear fluid LF should be added to the cooling water to maintain a concentration of 2 to 3% by volume. In some instances it  is beneficial to exceed the above concentrations to achieve additional lubricity.

Product Characteristics

Appearance                          Green Liquid
Solution @ 2%
Appearance                          Translucent Blue
pH                                         8,4       Typical
Refractometer Factor             Times  4,0 = %

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification.

Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance.