Saturday, July 20, 2024


Quenching additive for extrusion run Out tanks.

Product Description

KYM Fluid is a blend of corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, antifoam and wetting agents. The product is designed to enhance the quenching performance of the hot water extrusion run-out tanks.


KYM Fluid is used to treat the water circulating in the extrusion run-out tanks. Normal use rate is from 0,25 – 0,50 %.

Features and Benefits

Excellent Corrosion Inhibitor Package

The corrosion inhibitors in the formulation ensure that the extruded copper  has a bright finish, additionally the product provides for corrosion protection of the run-out tank and circulating system.

Superior Wetting Agents and Surfactants

The wetting agents improve the contact between the hot metal and the water, whilst the surfactants help promote nucleate boiling which leads to more uniform cooling resulting in lower stress and distortion.

Environmentally Friendly

KYM Fluid contains no heavy metals, nitrites, phosphates or silicones and is biodegradable allowing easy disposal due to the low COD value.