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Product Description

The Heavibear range is a lubricant group that has been specifically developed for the lubrication of machine tool slide ways. Incorporated is a special oiliness additive which reduces friction by up to 25% when compared to conventional oils. This oiliness additive together with an extreme pressure agent in the formulation combine in a  synergistic fashion  to give extremely low wear unequalled by other types of oil. The formulation includes a tackiness agent which aids retention.


The Heavibear products find application and are recommended for all machine tool slide ways particularly vertical and heavily loaded slide ways. Heavibear is also suitable for certain industrial gearboxes and open gears that require an EP type product.

Features and Benefits

Contains Oiliness Additive

Reduces friction by up to 25% when compared to conventional oils, eliminates stick slip and judder which sometimes occurs, prevents pickup and scoring, lowers power consumption,

Advanced Zinc free EP Lubricants

Manufactured from the highest quality solvent refined base stocks and inhibited against corrosion and foaming, ensures outstanding rust prevention and low wear.

Contains Tackiness Agent

Aids retention of the oil where it would normally run off, squeezed out or flung off, provides a continuous tough lubricating film even when movement is small, intermittent, or infrequent.

Storage, Packaging and Handling

The product is available in 5, 20, and 210 litre containers. the product should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Normally safe in use but reference should be made to the relevant safety data sheet before use.


The correct viscosity grade of Heavibear should be selected from the machine manufacturers handbook or by reference to the previously used lubricant.

Product Characteristics

Heavibear Grade           B        D

S.G. @ 15  ºC              0,88       0,90
Kinematic Viscosity
@ 40  ºC    cSt              68        220
Viscosity index             120       114
Flash point(closed) ºC 230       240

The above are typical values and do not constitute a specification.

Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general  guide without liability for specific performance.