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WIROL 5000

An intermediate and fine wire drawing lubricant.

Product Description

Wirol 5000 is a non-soap emulsifiable lubricant which uses emulsifier and surfactant systems exhibiting low reactivity and biostable properties in the presence  of copper. Wirol 5000 contains boundary lubrication additives which provide a low coefficient of friction.


Wirol 5000 is optimised for drawing plain and tinned copper wire of intermediate, fine and superfine sizes on single and multi-line machines, the product also finds application in continuous annealers at 1 – 2 % concentration.

Features and Benefits

Low Copper Reactivity

Excellent cleanliness, long lived emulsion with high temperature and pH stability.


Wirol 5000 at use levels exhibits biostable properties, biocides additions are not normally required, this leads to lower maintenance and avoids microbiological growths.

Contains Boundary Lubricants

Low coefficient of friction, minimises wire tension breaks, reduces capstan and die wear.

Low foam Product

Suitable for mini or compact systems, enables effective filtration.

Packing, Storage and Handling

Wirol 5000 is packed in 205 litre drums, store inside, away from temperature extremes, avoid water ingress by storing the drums on their side with the bung holes horizontal. The product is not normally hazardous but reference to the material safety data sheet is recommended.


To ensure  the maximum benefits of Wirol 5000   and its biostable characteristics are realised, it is a necessity that all previous emulsion and copper sludge is removed from the system before introduction of the product. The use of Brytoklean No 7 will greatly assist in the clean-up and is highly recommended.


Wirol 5000 performs well in waters up to 500 ppm of hardness but for maximum effectiveness the use of softened water make- up is a must. Wirol 5000 emulsions are prepared by slowly adding the concentrate to water with good agitation. The temperature of the Wirol 5000 and the dilution water should be above 10 degrees Centigrade before emulsion make-up.

Recommended Concentrations

The following concentrations are given as a guide:-

Heavy intermediate ( 4,5 mm entry )     6 – 8 %

Intermediate            ( 3,5 mm entry )     6 – 8 %

Medium fine            ( 2,0 mm entry )     4 – 6 %

Fine/Superfine        ( 0,4 mm entry )     2 – 4 %

Product Characteristics

Appearance                              Amber Oil

Acid Split Factor                       Times 1,11

Refractometer Factor                 Times 1,10

The above figures are typical and do not constitute a specification. Data in this bulletin is given in good faith and as a general guide without liability for specific performance.