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Germ Lubricants Product Range

Our Lubricants are used in many different industries including

  • Steel Mills
  • Wire & Tube Drawing
  • Metalworking
  • Hydraulics & Engineering

For further information on this range of lubricants, please contact Germ Africa on T

These lubricants are partly imported and partly blended by Germ Africa in our own blend plant.

Neat Cutting Oils
Filmac range

Soluble Cutting Oils 
Filmis range
Sigma range

Grinding Fluids
Bryto No 5
Bryto 50B

Wire & Tube Drawing
Priamus Range
Odin range
Cudra range
Wirol range
Aldra range
Cyldraw range
Hydraulic Oils
Momus range
Kineticol range
Rust Protection

Compressor Oil
Ardton Range
Tapping Fluid
Filmac VC5

Ancillary Metal Working
KYM fluid
Annealer fluid
Permeo BP

Machineway Oils
Dynobear range
Heavibear range

Gear Oils
Germol range

Bryto rope dressing
Cleanosine degreaser
Germ handcleaner
Neo-Astra greases

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